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VDR and S-VDR Use Cases

VDR/S-VDR for downloading are sometimes lacking significant relevant information, due to malfunctioning, poorly situated or perhaps non-existent microphones on board. Affiliates are encouraged to suit additional microphones inside their bridge wings, if they do not currently have them suited, to help make sure that all discussions, including those on hand held radios, are recorded.

People are also encouraged to prepare for their specialized management offices to have software compatible with almost all VDRs as well as S-VDRs installed across their very own fleets, so that downloaded info may be frequently moved and played out back in these kinds of offices. This will enable subscribers to screen the performance of their VDR / S-VDRs, analyse downloaded data and use the analysis as a training tool.

It is recommended that the saving of VDR/SVDR data should be practised in emergency exercises and exercises, to familiarise bridge groups with the equipment and the process. Additionally , members ought to record ‘near misses’ to the VDR/SVDR in order that these can provide for lessons learned exercises and briefings.

To get minimal practical vulnerability administration use click reference cases, VDR is an effective way of asserting vulnerabilities. However , VDR is founded on the presumption that individuals are analyzing their particular SBOMs, which there is a immediate relationship between list of prone components and the set of weaknesses they are impacted by (i. at the., a ‘direct mapping’). Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and it is common with regards to VDRs to get out of sync with SBOMs, resulting in lingering vulnerabilities in the VEX listing.

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