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The best translation was you to Angie try Angela Bowie by herself, that have exactly who Jagger purportedly (also) continuing an event

The best translation was you to Angie try Angela Bowie by herself, that have exactly who Jagger purportedly (also) continuing an event

Angela Bowie’s revelations on Joan Canals Reveal added specific in order to speculate your eponymous “Angie” wasn’t Angela, however, David Bowie.

Another popular rumor was that “Angie” was on Angela Richards, Keith Richards’ girl from the celebrity Anita Pallenberg. (This is a very dumb rumor, since the Angela Richards is less than a year old when the new Moving Rocks registered “Angie.” It isn’t even possible that Mick Jagger only utilized her name for the song’s identity, since she try to begin with titled Dandelion because of the the girl mothers up until she insisted towards name Angela ten years later on.)

  • A special rumor had they you to definitely “Angie” involved Anita Pallenberg, that has flings that have each other Moving Rocks participants Brian Jones and you may Mick Jagger including a multiple-seasons reference to Keith Richards.

But really conjecture over the term of one’s “Angie” out-of Moving Stone magnificence provides long-past stopped is a keen productive topic, good quieting away from wagging tongues who has got yet , that occurs towards original rumor, that Mick Jagger and David Bowie that have sexual experience in both

Whenever a musician composes a tune regarding an unsatisfied love affair having good woman’s title having a title, most of us guess it will was in fact inspired because of the a good real-lives love that have anyone of these title (particularly if as it happens the guy know a woman titled one to, it doesn’t matter which she was in their life). Yet this can be not the case; songwriters regularly pencil work where names and you may facts is chosen given that they can fit the meter of the composition. Whilst track in itself may be the catharsis off deeply-thought individual anxiety shown given that a certain (yet , totally fictional) outpouring, or could well be an authentic chronicle away from an upsetting experience suffered with, it will not fundamentally realize the girl just who stirred up people thoughts in the real world will be given the exact same label throughout the song. Autobiography only goes at this point – in the event your meter is not proper, title goes.

Songwriters have created bits mainly based around particular labels simply as the it appreciated the fresh voice of them: Buddy Holly performed know an excellent “Peggy Sue” (the newest girlfriend from drummer Jerry Allison), but the tune wasn’t based on one genuine-lifetime romance anywhere between their and you can Buddy. Both writers and singers simply make due to their watchers, churning out work one to expound abreast of preferred event their musical-to invest in public often choose which have (particularly heartwrenching partings). Getting such as choices, this new eponymous girl shouldn’t have to end up being individuals actual, due to the fact copywriter are getting in touch with upon common templates towards the material from his track.

Try “Angie” on anybody people, or are the name merely plucked on air? Do not know. But we can say for certain adequate about songs not to instantaneously finish that a track called having a women’s name setting the writer got an unhappy knowledge of a lady of this term.

Were not successful like facts because the shown inside tune words just hold appeal for so long, but a beneficial salacious rumor on the celebrities stepping into a gay coupling usually real time so long as discover men and women to repeat it

Nonetheless, because the denials commonly almost while the interesting as the rumors, new story one “the head Stone was also sleep that have [Angela’s] husband” pass on far and wide. Angela upcoming muddied the challenge actually ever after that along with her 1993 give-every book Backstage Passes, where she disingenuously chided the general public to have while just what she had obviously meant to imply, when you are however admitting one to she by herself still felt what folks had assumed:

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