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Russia – Your Part Is not Served Nowadays – Please Examine Back Later. Thanks a lot!

Russia – Your Part Is not Served Nowadays – Please Examine Back Later. Thanks a lot!

See Once again

Kouichi wakes up off an aspiration merely to features a cute, unusual girl intrude into his home. It is merely whenever their friend Kazuki arrives that he’s able to remember that this lady is actually his young people friend, Mao, whom transferred to France 24 months ago.

E1 | See Once again

Kouichi gets upwards away from an aspiration only to have a cute, unusual woman intrude with the their house. It’s just when his buddy Kazuki will come that he’s in a position to keep in mind that the woman is actually their young people pal, Mao, exactly who relocated to France a couple of years back.

E2 | Cool Beauty

Ever since he returned out of university Kazuki might have been thinking Eriko. He requests for certain home elevators the lady of Akira but is struggling to get one thing useful.

E3 | Store

It is a different school go out and Nana along with her pal Narumi try fooling about along with their frogs. Whenever Kouichi arrives with Mao, Nana spends so it as a chance to receive Mao so you can an effective welcoming class.

E4 | Help

It’s been 30 days since folks went along to the new karaoke field together with her and you can Mao are angry from the Kouichi, just who has not yet made any advances that have Yuumi. Meanwhile, Mao could have been finding a lot of like letters has just but she only considers them to feel a nuisance.

E5 | Jump up

Mao goes on a romantic date which have Eiji in order to a live jazz inform you. Kouichi was purchasing more time which have Yuumi, making use of the motion picture club screenplay just like the a justification. Kazuki could have been annoyed – also Mao has observed, thus she gets your some words away from advice.

E6 | For every single Depression

Kazuki decides to keep the newest “experiment” with Eriko. Ahead of you to, the guy goes toward make amends which have Asuka. Mao are going to be impression the strain of midterm creating, however, she has zero inspiration. Thus Kouichi & Kazuki rating someone with her getting a survey training.

E7 | Beloved Actress

Midterms try more than now he’s got time to remember the film. Seeing that just how Kouichi did a beneficial business on the synopsis, what exactly is remaining is to find a celebrity with the lady direct. It talk about this at Narumi’s family relations cafe.

E8 | Close to you

Mao could have been pretending weird ever since the hug she common which have Eiji; Kazuki has been suspiciously cheerful too. Mao can’t apparently face Eiji thus she do her top to cease your at school. When you are Kouichi is actually stuck having Akira, Kazuki fades having Eriko.

E9 | Drinking water Ladies

We have all met up to generally share the movie outline, that is destroyed something. Kouichi has been thinking about the opportunity come upon having Mao and you may Eiji. Akira means utilizing the school’s swimming competition to acquire a female during the a swimsuit on the flick.

E10 | Skip Tone

Fed up with the crappy ambiance, Kouichi thoughts out over the new bookstore, where he incurs Eiji. Meanwhile Kazuki has soccer routine that have Asuka. 24 hours later Mao goes out to the a night out together having Eiji however, Kouichi try stuck acquainted with a cold.

E11 | Split Drops

Folks are at Mitsuki’s residence, and determine the spot in which parts of the film will be recorded. There is an uncomfortable surroundings to Kouichi and you can Mao, and so they can’t also talk to both immediately following how it happened the last night.

E12 | Passageway Precipitation

It is yet another college or university day, and Kouichi is somewhat worried about Yuumi once how it happened within the brand new stop. Likewise, Kazuki is within large morale with anything ranging from your and you can Eriko supposed surprisingly well.

E13 | Crossroad

With summer vacation fast approaching, Kouichi for some reason been able to complete the software into the motion picture. Kazuki might have been very nice to help you Asuka lately and just whenever she starts to understand her thoughts to have your the guy says to their which he likes Eriko.

E14 | Summer Vacations

June crack has arrived. Kouichi attempts to make as numerous recollections that have Yuumi when he is also while this woman is nonetheless doing.

E15 | Now is The time

New shooting actually going because effortlessly once the prepared, with Yuumi just like the lady head. An alternative will become necessary, nevertheless only person compatible was Mao. Later on, Kouichi requires Yuumi for the coastline and you can Mao goes to come across Eiji would when you look at the a live show.

E16 | Stand-in

Mao however seems unsettled shortly after enjoying Kouichi hug Yuumi. Kouichi and you can Yuumi continue a romantic date to look at a film regarding the cinema. Kazuki and you can Asuka routine with her, but he or she is already been delivering sidetracked. Shortly after she finds out the reason, she faces Eriko.

E17 | The woman Respond to

Kazuki has been taking time away after are dumped by the Eriko and you can Asuka can be involved, seeing that exactly how she brought about all of it. Kouichi and you may Yuumi have been investing the remainder of its summer together with her, but really he still feels alone aware of Mao perhaps not doing.

E18 | Wet Blue

In the rain, Mao deposits Eiji. She efficiency household soaked and you may looks like with a temperature. Kazuki quickly gets a visit from Asuka. They’re going back again to the lady location to has actually a chat. Kouichi will continue to value Mao.

E19 | Genuine Heart

The fresh college or university semester has begun but that is the least from Kouichi’s worries, when he continues to be slightly shaken upwards immediately after Mao stated their love for your. The kinds try get yourself ready for the brand new next college or university event.

E20 | Uncontrollable

Shortly after running regarding shooting, Mao ends up meeting Eiji because of the happenstance in addition they talk. Kouichi is concerned on the Mao, and you can Yuumi is concerned since the woman is felt the new attitude Mao and Kouichi enjoys per other.

E21 | Reducing Recollections

Mao is already getting ready to move next Weekend. At school people are busy preparing for the college Event and actually Nana and you may Narumi are making steady progress.

E22 | Go out Goes on

At school Kazuki possess noticed that Kouichi and you will Asuka has one another been pretending unusual lately, thus he tries to carry out exactly what he is able to to enable them to. Kouichi continues to be brooding more Mao. New gang puts a farewell group having Yuumi.

E23 | Miss You

Akira possess accomplished the film club’s agreements towards the university event, very most of the which is left is for Yuumi and you can Koichi to love their past date together with her.

E24 | …And you will Satisfy Again

Brand new Kibana College or university Festival is in complete move; but not Kazuki is somewhat troubled given that Eriko is nowhere getting receive and he thinks it might have to do with Asuka.

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